Hustle Harder

Week 5 accomplishments as a Rookie Reporter:Image

1. Worked a new serving job at a restaurant in East Lansing
2. Reported LIVE from a Meridian Township meeting (VIDEO SOON TO COME)
3. Became more familiar with the community while working Celebrate Downtown Okemos

ImageHow could my list of accomplishments be any better? If the first item didn’t exist.

A recruiter from a news station once told me, “Breaking into this industry is like being an actor. In the beginning you work hard for little to no pay- waiting for your big break.”

This advice prepared me for what the industry would throw my way. I know what it takes to land an on air reporting position and am willing to put in the work. I have to hustle harder and manage my time better.


But since I’ve been serving these thoughts have crossed my mind:

“I really need more time to edit this news package. More time would make it better but I have to work at the restaurant in an hour.”

“ Why did I agree to work the night before I have to do a live report? I could really use the time to prepare more.”

“I would much rather be familiarizing myself with the community at this Okemos event than serving margaritas and enchiladas.”

So I propose the question how do you give something you love 100% of your efforts when you can’t give it 100% of your time?
I love challenges.. I’ll figure this one out.  

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