The Nodding Bobble Head

Meridian Live


Had to take a Selfie before the show


The ugly faces I make after hosting

I was LIVE on camera for the first time this week. I had the opportunity to host HOMTV’s Meridian Live post script.  I should’ve been excited right? Well I was under all of my nervousness. After all it is live!  Overall it went pretty well, pretty well as in I didn’t bomb it.  I did nod about 50 times in 5 minutes. I literally looked like a bobble head.  The proofs in the video. I also didn’t smile much and you can tell that I was nervous, but it will all get better with practice.


I crewed WOM (Women of Meridian) this week as well. I’m becoming fond of camera operating. I get a kick out of running a camera that makes a lot of maneuvers. It keeps me on my toes.  I also took down the shows set; it’s not the most exciting thing. Just a lot under over coiling of cords and me telling everyone that taking down the set is my workout for the day. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of me performing wonderful camera movements, I was engaged in the Women of Meridian’s conversation about hump day. You have to watch Women of Meridian to find out what I mean by hump day.




I also had my first critique this week. I consider critiques to be the most important of my HOMTV experience. How can I ever grow if I don’t find out what I’m doing wrong? At my critique I got advice on how to over lap to make smoother transitions when editing, also ways to get better b roll. So my next assignments will me 10x better than the first. Since I’ve said that now I have to live up to it



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