Remember to Sleep

Last week, I came home Wednesday night and stayed until Saturday morning. I had to be back up at school early on Saturday to shoot Celebrate Downtown Okemos for my package. I was there from about 1:30-6 p.m., and I ended up getting a lot of great shots and talking to some interesting people. After the event, I went back to HOMTV and put all of my footage onto a hard drive and made sure everything turned out OK. When I came home that night, I was absolutely exhausted. Whenever I have a hard deadline for an assignment, I can never sleep. I was anxious a couple of days before filming the event because I wasn’t sure if I was going to get everything I needed. Fortunately, I didn’t have much planned on Sunday besides dinner with my family, so I was able to sleep in. However, that Sunday night, I once again wasn’t able to fall asleep because I knew I had to get everything edited and turned in by Monday at 1 p.m. (It was supposed to be 9 a.m., but Brandie gave me an extension)

10416975_10152563921481096_3230321547907359718_nSo, I got through Monday, even though I was going crazy the entire day. The guys I intern with thought it was pretty funny that they started making up new names for me. Something about “My name’s Marlee, give me your computer.” I was basically hopping to and from each computer because I was trying to be on the one that was working the best. Thankfully, I finished everything, and I was able to watch my package LIVE on Meridian Magazine that evening while I was crewing the show.

10415601_10152570622696096_207350586960277085_nI left HOMTV around 6:15 p.m. last night and met up with my friend at my place to go for a walk. I would have to say my favorite thing about summer is being outside. Unfortunately, my internship keeps me inside a lot of the days, so whenever I get home, I always try to spend at least an hour outside, walking around. Even if I’m by myself, I always put my ear phones in and go for a walk at night.

10336740_10152570620076096_7642147694396028725_nWell, today’s only Tuesday, but the hard part of the week is over for me. I have to crew a Township Board meeting tonight, but hopefully I’ll be done at a decent hour. Wednesday, I’ve decided, is going to be my day to catch up on sleep and homework. Thursday, I have to be back at HOMTV by 5 p.m. to help with some sets, and then I’m done… for the week.

1521841_10152193274886096_1438599627_nFriday morning, my mom and I are going to Chicago for the weekend to visit my sister, and I’m also going to meet up with some of my good friends who live there. I’m excited to go shopping and out to eat and just relax for a couple of days. (Knowing me, I won’t actually be relaxing) And then, I’m back to East Lansing on Sunday night for another packed week!


About marleerosedelaney

Marlee Delaney is a senior in the school of Journalism at Michigan State University, where she is studying broadcast journalism. During the academic school year, she works as a sideline reporter for the Big Ten Network and also writes featured articles for VIM Magazine. With a passion for sports journalism and entertainment news, Marlee can see herself sideline reporting for Fox Sports Detroit, hosting an entertainment show or anchoring a newscast.
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