Stand Up, Stand No.

By now, we all have completed at least one set of assignments and for the reporting interns, we’ve all had to stand there in front of a camera, take after take, to perfect a useable standup.

I’ll just let you in on my experience.

Stand up’s aren’t foreign to me. I’ve done them before for school assignments and also for the dog park exam but I’ve never had one air on television so I had to make this one perfect. For my assignment this week, I had to go out and talk with students and school officials about the redoing of the Chippewa Middle School greenhouse. Easy enough right? I immediately went out to shoot the b-roll of the crew painting the greenhouse, got the interviews I needed and everything was pretty much over within a day. Well everything except for my stand up.

Not to play the whole “black girl hair” card, but it’s a real life struggle. If any kind of moisture lingers in the air, then hello bad hair day! Hello frizz, hello unexpected curls that eventually turns into a uncontrollable fro. It sucks. The Tuesday that I had everything else done, just wasn’t the right day for my stand up. So I decided to leave and come back a different day.

Wednesday rolls in, and so does the rain and thunderstorm. Great. Another day, no stand up.

Finally, Thursday. When I woke up, I immediately checked the weather for the day, jumped up and began to get ready for work. Today would be the day I could go back and complete my package with my stand up. Luckily, I planned ahead and had a camera reserved at work so after I properly curled my hair, found the perfect outfit and put the finishing touches on my makeup, I set off to work ready to tackle this standup that has been long over due.

It’s hot. One of my biggest regrets every summer is not getting the air fixed in my car. I’ve been driving a 2004 Dodge Stratus since I was sixteen and quite frankly, it’s falling apart. My parents agreed on getting me a new car after I graduate in December so in my mind, the car isn’t worth putting any extra money into it. But God do I wish I had air conditioner. My hair can’t take this heat and sweat, so I speed. Probably got to work my fastest time yet, sacrificing the chance of a ticket in order to keep my hair perfect.

OK, camera, check. Hair, surprisingly still check. Now off to Chippewa Middle School.

When I finally get there, I’m grateful no one else is around. I’m not even the type to get shy around people but there’s something about people watch you try to perfect a stand up which can be intimidating. I set the camera up, checked the white balance, made sure the audio is good and finally after days, I’m ready to begin this process.

Take after take. And take after take.  

“It cost about 25 hundred dollars to replace the glassesPANELS! (messed that work up over and over again)… in the green house. Now even though phase one is complete, the project is at a stand still until more money is donated or 25 thousand of these (holds up pop can- try not to show my scar from last week) is emptied and exchanged for cash.”

Seems easy enough? NO. 

Take after take. SMILE APRIL. Take after take. PANELS NOT GLASS. Take after Take. I JUST FORGOT EVERYTHING. WHAT AM I EVEN TALKIG ABOUT? Take after take. IT’S GETTING DARK. ADJUST WHITE BALANCE. Take after take. I WISH I BROUGHT BUG SPRAY. Finally, I quit.

Luckily, after about an hour of repeating the  two same sentences, I packed the camera up and left. I know I had a few good takes in there but I forgot to bars them so I had fun figuring out which ones they were. Despite the horrible bug bites, my mouth being numb and being locked out when I tried to return the camera, I was floating on cloud nine knowing that I nailed my standup.

Basically, I found out that stand ups are the best and worst things about shooting packages. I love packages, I do. I love the news and I love everything about television. But all three of them together and wanting to perfect my image can be stressful. But when I stalk myself on Senior Living sometime next month when my package airs, I know it’ll all be worth it.


About jonesapril92

April Jones is a senior at Michigan State studying broadcasting journalism. She aspires to be an entertainment and or political reporter in her near future. In her free time, she enjoys attending concerts with her friends, baking, and anything outdoors. Her dream would be to convince The Rolling Stone that they need her to start an on-air entertainment show featuring her. Eventually she would love to host her own daytime show. "All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney.
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