Because Sometimes You Just Have to Acknowledge, Learn and Prevent

This morning was a huge rough patch, and I messed up big time. My script didn’t save into EZ News, I uploaded the wrong footage to the switcher and even worse? The show was on in thirty. This has been the incident I have dreaded my whole broadcasting life; a mess up that could potentially throw a shows vibe through a loop.

Today was that dreaded lesson, and one that I will walk away with the knowledge in hand and learn from.

During my experiences within reporting and at my other internships, I have witnessed what I like to call “nails on the chalk board” situations. They come out of no where, make you cringe and send anxiety through the roof. I have always told myself I would never allow a situation like this happen to me, and today was my dreadful learning lesson of life.

But instead of hanging my head, and pouting about my mistakes I took it as a valued lesson learned and be accountable for my mistakes.

Things happen in life, and people make mistakes it is as simple as that. It is what the person does after the matter that counts.

So what did I do the rest of the day you may be wondering?

Well for one I didn’t let my day get ruined from this situation. Instead I focused on the other stories I was assigned, assisted the one-and-only Eric Ripper on his water safety promo; which brings us to this photo:
Ripper and I

and conducted an interview for my package due Monday. Today I not only laughed until I almost cried while Ripper jumped around a pool with a GoPro duck taped to his chest, but I motivated myself to get as much done as possible before closing time.

On that note, I would like to leave you with this quote:

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them,” – Steve Maraboli

Stay classy




About Jordanne Jaskiw

Michigander Gone SoCal, Associate Producer on "Botched S3," "Botched by Nature" and "Botched: Post-Op S2." Recently engaged to an amazing human and my family is absolutely incredible. Catalina Island is my 2nd home and enjoying my life to the fullest.
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