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Another busy week has flown by at HOMTV and the interns are strapping themselves in for the long haul. What has me sold on this internship is how special it feels to become part of this team.

We work hard... no really we do! Why wont they listen to us??

We work hard… no really we do! Why wont they listen to us??

Every individual I’ve met has a quirky, funny sense of humor, yet when it comes down to the nitty and gritty, we beat punchy deadlines and solve last minute problems. We’re not just getting interviews or B-roll. We’re traversing giant obstacles  and moving mountains to broadcast the best possible footage for our stories.

For example, “This B-roll is ok, but it needs more variety… that interview was good, but a second one will add more depth… My interveiw-ee blew me off… here’s my backup plan”. This is not just shooting film, this is persisting and persevering in the face of adversity. This is the attitude you need to survive in broadcasting.

Broadcasting is not for wussies. Ask me how many mosquito bites I’ve cumulated under my chin, on my forearms and legs… and that’s after I sprayed my face with two layers of OFF. Mosquitos love cameras by the way. I’m not sure why. At least I’m safe at the studio, behind a camera, where the only threat to my safety….. is thousands of pounds of camera and light equipment crashing on top of me. But what are the odds? Yay odds!

Ready Cam 2... take it.

Ready Cam 2… take it.

My latest promo is coming along amazingly. My favorite part about assignments is getting to drive somewhere new and exciting, especially when it’s related to something I love… yay nature!

Nature is pretty-ful

Nature is pretty-ful

The predatory birds at the Harris Nature Center were keen on watching Hannah and me shoot B-roll for the promo. Try petting this bird and she’ll gladly take one of your fingers as a generous food offering.


I was cool before Hawk-eye was an Avenger.









I like turtles.


The Harris Nature Center boasts an impressive array of turtle and snake terrariums. Each display usually has kids jostling for position to get a closer look at these reptiles. Fun fact: the turtles sometimes come swimming to the corners of the tank, hoping for a friendly passerby to drop in a cricket. If you happen to be driving along Jolly Road, you should stop by for a visit. The trails are breathtaking, and if you have kids, they’ll love the pro-naturalist summer camps. Although I might be a bit biased because I love Michigan wildlife. Who doesn’t love turtles?






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