Being One With Nature… Oh, and Fireworks Too!

Hello again everyone! Another week has passed, and what a week it was. This week was assignment week for me, and I was assigned a promo and a vosotvo to work on. The promo was for the Okemos Township 4th of July Celebration Fireworks, and the vosotvo was for Music In The Park. But due to the rain during the week, Music In The Park got cancelled.

This threw a wrench in things. What was I going to do now. Just my promo? Oh no. Brandie, after some quick thinking, got me another story, the Garlic Mustard Challenge at Harris Nature Center. I spent my Saturday morning learning all about this invasive plant, and the small group of volunteers that showed up spent 2 hours picking and pulling it from the grounds. Kit Rich, the Nature Center Coordinator, was happy to interview for my story.

After the event, I returned back to HOMTV to upload my footage. Whilst uploading, a fellow intern, Whitney Burney, came to me with a side quest. She asked for some help with recording a stand up for her story. Being a man of many words, I said “Sure.”

We both headed out to Lake Lansing, and I helped her record her stand up.

Here I am enjoying the sun. Oh yea, I can already feel my pasty white skin burning.

Here I am enjoying the sun. Oh yea, I can already feel my skin burning.

The biggest experience I got out of this week had to be the Garlic Mustard Story. It was my first time going out into the field in a professional setting to collect a story. The night before had been spent going over what I would say, what time to show up, what footage to get, are these people going to be nice? Am I going to make any mistakes? Is the world going to blow up? How many licks does it really take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Thankfully, my social anxiety aside, I got my story and learned a little something about garlic mustard to boot.

As for the Fireworks promo, I am still working on it. I decided to use After Effects in making it. I am piecing together everything for it. We shall see how it turns out.

Now to look forward to a full week of Township Board Meetings. Three meetings! IN A ROW!

*Chugs coffee*

Let’s do this…

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