Never a Dull Moment

Ok, I know, my title isn’t as creative as my past few ones have been. I promise I will try and do better with the next one. But what I can say about this title is that it completely fits the week that I had at HOMTV.

I was on crew this week, so I got to experience working behind-the-scenes for what was really the first time at this internship. And, for my first two experiences, I honestly think the person making the crew sheet should have put “No pressure” beside my name.

My first position was serving as floor director for Meridian Magazine. My responsibilities included not only running one of the cameras, but also cuing the anchors at the beginning and coming out of every story and commercial break. I also had to move and turn the camera towards the sports desk, focus and white balance, and have it set all within a short amount of time. The move and focus went well, however there was a small issue with the white balance. Instead of hitting the white balance button, I ended up hitting the black balance, making our sports anchor for the night, Dan Ray, look completely green. I frantically tried to fix the problem, but I did not do it in time for the sports tease, and, unfortunately, Dan, unintentionally, showed his school spirit.

The next day was a lot better. I was placed on Camera 1 for the first half-hour of a Meridian Township Board meeting, meaning that I would have to cue the reporter to introduce the meeting, as well as shoot the people getting up to address the board at the podium. The cuing of Chris Ryan went well, as did my camera work. My experience at Big Ten Network running a camera (what little I have) came in handy as well, as, not only did I have to slowly zoom out and pan to show two new Meridian Township Police Officers who were being introduced at the meeting, but I also had to follow a Meridian Township resident who was a bit of a wanderer while at the podium. The director, Bryan, complimented my camera work, and I was, essentially, doing this in my mind:

As a Lions fan, I am happy that Schwartz is no longer the coach, although I will say he did some of the better fist-pumps I’ve seen.

Finally, one of my fellow interns, Sierra Resovsky, was assigned a story about firework safety, and asked me if I wanted to help her come shoot b-roll. Seeing this as an opportunity and an excuse to light off fireworks before the Fourth of July, I, of course, said yes. The first day we were out, I was able to light one firework off for b-roll, and she was able to practice her standup, however I saw dark clouds creeping in, and, knowing it probably would not be good to allow the camera to get wet, we decided to try and shoot the rest a different day.

We decided to move everything under a shelter at the park to pack up there, and, luckily we did, because the minute we got underneath it was an absolute downpour. We frantically packed everything up, loaded it into Sierra’s car, and got out of there, but not before we both looked like we went swimming with our dress clothes on. I have an umbrella, but, unfortunately, that umbrella isn’t going to do me much good when it’s sitting by the door of my house. Thankfully, we got the rest of the shooting done on Friday.

What have we learned here today?

1) HOMTV is DEFINITELY a learning experience, and mistakes will happen (see black balance vs. white balance).

2) Shooting sporting events CAN serve you well when shooting a non-sporting event (i.e. a Township Board Meeting).

3) I love fireworks.

4) Umbrellas only work when you have them with you.

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And, given that it wouldn’t be a blog post by me without an anchorman reference…

At HOMTV, we bring you the news so you don’t have to get it yourself.

You stay classy, Meridian Township.


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