Call me maybe?

This week has been pretty easy, surprisingly… Hopefully I haven’t spoken too fast. I can honestly say I’m starting to get the hang of programs like Final Cut and Fibrejet. It’s true what they say: it gets easier with time. I am also easily noticing issues with other footage that I have taken or have on my computer and boy was I horrible at this video stuff before!

This upcoming week, I’m working on two stories. One is a water safety special which technically I’ve been working on for about two weeks

I Know right?!

I Know right?!

Weeeeelll. The issue was that I was waiting for a source to be available but then they never called me back.

An Overexposed lake selfie for the road!

An Overexposed lake selfie for the road!

So that was pretty stressful but luckily, I found someone just a great and reputable for the topic and the interview turned out good. One of my fellow interns came with me to the lake and helped me shoot my stand-up (where reporters speak on camera at the scene). It turned out better than I expected and took me no time to edit together! I’m excited for it to air. It should be on the next episode of Beyond the Badge airing in July on Comcast channel 21!
Yes that was a shameless plug! Watch HOMtv guys!

Yes that was a shameless plug! Watch HOMtv guys!

The second story I am doing on this upcoming Saturday is the energy fair coming to Ingham County. I’m kind of excited. I’ve never been to an energy fair and I’m wondering how it’s going to turn out. It should be interesting and of course you’ll be hearing about it very soon!

I also got to do crew earlier this week for a show called Innerview. That was awesome. I’m really getting the hang of things around here! But anyway enough about me… see ya in my next post.

Sending peace, love and good vibes your way,

Xoxo Whitney

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”- Dr. Seuss


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Hello! I am Whitney, a sister, daughter, friend and an all around silly girl. I am a student at Michigan State University student studying journalism. I am an aspiring journalist and will hopefully be greeting you every morning when I land my dream job at Good Morning America! Stay tuned to read about my journey.
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