It’s hard out here for an Intern

Another week has passed, and another intern has been voted off the internship.

Just kidding. But if it was real, my money would have been on Intern Steve on account of all his footage being out of focus due to his lazy eye.

Again, just kidding. We love you Steve!

…Steve is not real


Last week Crew A was on call again, so much of my time at HOMTV was spent helping shoot one Meridian Magazine, an InnerView, a Township Board Meeting, and a partridge in a pear tree (literally). Helping set up for and shoot these shows is quickly proving to be one of my favorite types of assignments, and perhaps that excitement might one day wear off but for now it still tickles my fancy. Especially since I was also allowed to start working the video switchboard during the Township Board Meeting on Tuesday night.

Mid blog post selfie break! (I have to up my ante to try to stay in league with Intern Brandon Wirth, who’s selfie game is slowly becoming prolific)


Ok, now back to what I was talking about beforehand.

So, while veteran intern Bryan Schroder directed and called the shots (again, literally), my nimble fingers was busy cueing the live shot and readying the next one. It may seem simple, but I can see that feeling of bouncing around shots, picking what will look best, and helping create a linear narrative feeling to a live meeting becoming quite an addicting experience. Or maybe I’m just an easy person to entertain, like a little puppy with its first squeaky toy.

Or maybe, just maybe, that after a year of being graduated, working a mindlessly in a cubicle, diligently job searching and sending out resumes, and taking way too many interviews that led to nowhere, you start to really appreciate a great thing when you come across it. So to my fellow interns, a time may come when you feel overwhelmed by your workload here, buried in a sea of b-roll, and find yourself thinking “maybe this just isn’t for me”. I would promptly tell you to “get over it”. Because there are not many opportunities as good as this one, and not nearly as many places to work/intern at that treat you as well and strive to educate you in their chosen field as HOMTV does. So suck it up, and dive in. And maybe learn a few things along the way.


Also, as promised my Drunk Driving PSA:

P.S. I lied about the partridge in the pear tree.


About afrankfort1

Alex is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a focus in Creative Writing. Equipped with a background/education in analytics, grammar, and public speaking, he also has a passion for storytelling (in any medium). During his time at HOMTV, Alex hopes to gain a proficient knowledge of production, camera work, and broadcasting.
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