Live Shot and More

It was a lighter week at HOMTV, but once again I got to experience a lot of new things. The most important of those was my first ever live shot on Monday night.

Monday was a little bit hectic as many people had to come in to finish stories before deadline. Then I learned that we needed one more story for the sports segment that night. So with the help of a couple other interns we got it all put together and I prepared to go on camera for the first time.

The show went pretty well, and while I was nervous I thought my live sports segment went pretty well. I made my fair share of mistakes, but nothing major and that can’t be fixed with more practice.

The rest of the week went well as I ran crew for another board meeting and ran audio for the first time on Meridian News Now.


It was another fun week, and I learned a lot again. Now begins another week of stories which should be great.


About homtvdan

I am a recent Michigan State University graduate and aspiring journalist. Sports are my true passion and I hope to one day achieve a career in sports journalism or entertainment. Before that though, I have to perfect my skills which I work at each and every day.
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