Mosquito City


Tackling the wild

This week I was assigned a package on a temporary bike trail that opened at the Red Cedar Glen preserve. Getting interviews this week went much smoother than for my first assignment. The struggle this time was staying calm while getting my B Roll footage.  The first day I went out to get footage I had to leave after 5 minutes because there were so many mosquitoes. The next morning I counted a total of 6 mosquito bites. That afternoon I was prepared, I sprayed myself with off, wore running shoes, jeans, and a sweater in 85 degree weather.



I had to go back out to the site to get my stand up, and I did my stand up about 4 times because things were buzzing in my ear. When I got back to edit I saw this funny video of me bugging out over the bugs. It’s pretty obvious I’m not that into nature.

Here’s a funny video of me swatting bugs.

Other than dealing with the world’s most annoying insect, things went smoothly. I did have a couple of long nights at HOMTV because I didn’t get to start on my package as soon as I wanted to with having to work at my other job.

I also had a story on road construction that will begin next spring. So you can imagine the fun I had getting footage. I went to Lake Lansing Rd toward the movie theater because I new there was construction going on in that area, but of course when I got there the construction was no longer going on. I decided to go to campus and get different construction signs. With this story it was challenging for me to have enough B Roll.

This week I’m not assigned a story but I will be crewing for the different shows this week.

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