Nerves are Good: another blog just because

I know I wrote a post Friday for this week, but I felt the motivation to write another post just because. Tonight will mark my first night of Hosting for HOMTV, and the nerves haven’t kicked in yet.

Right when I got in, I pulled up the script, got the interviewee’s name and practiced the script a few times. Needless to say I think I am ready for the challenge and wish I could take it on right now.

I have found throughout my reporting that the longer I have to wait to report, the more nerves I seem to have set in.

I find it interesting that I would rather be thrown into a situation right away then to have to wait for hours on end with anticipation building up.

For the longest time I had hoped the feeling of nervousness would eventually go away forever, but I have grown to realize having them is a good thing.

The way I look at nerves is like this:
By having them, you have some sort of excitement for something. You feel anxious and excited in a good way, and aren’t sure 100% what to expect. I believe nerves are linked to excitement and a persons drive, and shows anticipation for something to come.

I wanted to share this photo with you, which happened to be the very first time I had interviewed somebody on camera.


I had no clue as to what I was doing, and struggled to begin the interview process. When I pushed through the introduction to the script and began to interview the individual, I became relaxed and the questions began to flow back and forth. My nerves turned to determination, and I completed the interview process and out cue to the best of my ability.

Although at times I struggle to overcome my nerves to this day, I believe that practice in this field will only make a person more confident in their skills, and nerves will eventually become an advantage.



About Jordanne Jaskiw

Michigander Gone SoCal, Associate Producer on "Botched S3," "Botched by Nature" and "Botched: Post-Op S2." Recently engaged to an amazing human and my family is absolutely incredible. Catalina Island is my 2nd home and enjoying my life to the fullest.
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