Time to play Catch Up

Well it was my first week back after my vacation and it was time to play catch up with all the assignments that I missed.  I felt a bit nervous coming back, thinking that my assignments would just keep piling up.  I finished my story on the Gas Tax increase before I left and I still haven’t heard any word on how that went.


This week I was assigned to a Water and Boating safety promo.  After a bit of discussion with a few others for some some ideas, we came up with the idea of using a Go Pro under water.  Which leads to this photo right here:


I went swimming in the pool across the street for about forty five minutes, trying to capture the best underwater footage.


I also went out with Jordanne to help shoot her stand up, while she tagged along while I got footage of Lake Lansing.


After coming back and seeing the footage from the Go Pro, I’m blown away. It was so cool and I’ve never been able to shoot anything like that before. I hope to use the Go Pro more.  I only uploaded the footage to the computers, and I plan to edit a video together today.

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