Good Company. Good Times.

Sometimes I don’t think I realize how lucky I am to work with such great people. The other interns here are always willing to help, they are funny, silly, hard workers, and to sum it up, they’re just great people. I could have never imagined how easy it would be to get along with everyone here. Most of us hung out the other night and had a blast. No matter how different we are, we all get along and understand each other because we all love broadcasting in some aspect! Everyone here is such a hard worker and I really look up to a lot of the other interns here! These are the people I want to remember for the rest of my life. I want to make connections with them and help each other out in the future!



But it’s not just my co-workers who are great. I don’t know where I would be without the help of everyone else who works here at HOMTV. Especially my internship coordinator, Brandie. She’s not afraid to tell us what she really thinks about the piece we just put all of our energy into. She’s the one that pushes us and shows us how to improve our skills. She really is a great help. 

In other news…

This week wasn’t as busy as the others, but I was assigned an extra assignment to add on to my story last week about The Meridian Township Farmers Market. So I finished that up, and that will air tomorrow on Meridian News Now. This week I also crewed a few shows. I worked the audio board for one, teleprompter for another, and I worked cameras for the other! 

Anyways, I feel as though my Dell is about to crash again so I will end this post. 

For those of you who haven’t seen my latest story, here it is! Enjoy!


About ericafrancisnews

My name is Erica Francis. I am a student at Central Michigan University looking to live out my dream as a news reporter. I grew up in Holland Michigan, but I have traveled the world. My favorite quote "Dreams don't work unless you do" Motivated. Dedicated. Hardworking. Lover. RiskTaker I won't stop until I reach the top. Lover of singing, dancing, acting, interviewing, and smiling. Past intern at --- City of Holland TV 95.3 WCFX Mt. Pleasant Fox 2 News Ignition Media Group Next stop....L.A
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