Keep Your Eyes Open

YIIodSBlOjdog6Ea23MmDaxwmy_tlfZ5Mu_rFwnNr3WR9Eg4o6rJLSydmT2BlrHmko8zsg=w1164-h474I’m writing this with my eyes half shut. I’m not kidding. I’m already exhausted, and it’s 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon. I liked this week, though; it’s been a lot of fun.. and hard work. I was asked to do a DEMO for one of our shows, Beyond the Badge, on top of my other two story assignments this week. So, I had an interview with Fire Inspector Tavis Millerov, where he was demonstrating (get it, DEMO?) and explaining how to use a fire extinguisher. Usually, we always have to shoot our own interviews and b-roll, but I was able to bring a crew with me to this, so I was very happy. It took a couple of takes, but after I edited it all together, the final product turned out pretty well.

10492059_10152586569156096_6807248077880008488_n So, I finished one out of three assignments. The other two are coming along and aren’t due until Monday morning at 9 a.m, so I have plenty of time. I had two interviews yesterday for my package, and I have one interview today for my reader/SOT, but I should have everything edited and finished by Thursday night, so I can go home Friday morning for the weekend.

10442432_886425411384441_2903890076180714490_nHmm, besides work, I guess I’ve been doing homework? And I took a final exam this week for one of my online classes. I was thinking about this yesterday, and I decided that I wanted to set a new goal for myself: I want to graduate from Michigan State University with honors, meaning an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher. It’s definitely in the cards; I just need to make sure I don’t lose focus my senior year.

10384825_10152590110896096_6860467168696241439_nBut actually, I have had some free time. I was in Chicago this past weekend to spend time with my mom and sister and do our favorite things: eat and shop. I was also able to meet up with two of my friends from high school who moved there, Cyndi and Shane. And last night, I had some friends over before we went out for a little while. That’s probably why my eyes are half shut right now, and maybe the fact that I made myself go to the gym this morning before coming into my internship. I just have to make it through one meeting and one interview today, and then I’ll allow myself to rest for a few hours!


About marleerosedelaney

Marlee Delaney is a senior in the school of Journalism at Michigan State University, where she is studying broadcast journalism. During the academic school year, she works as a sideline reporter for the Big Ten Network and also writes featured articles for VIM Magazine. With a passion for sports journalism and entertainment news, Marlee can see herself sideline reporting for Fox Sports Detroit, hosting an entertainment show or anchoring a newscast.
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