Assignment Review: Garlic Mustard Challenge and Fireworks Celebration Promo

This week, I was assigned a news story at Harris Nature center covering the Garlic Mustard Challenge, which aired on Meridian News Now today, Thursday the 26th. I also was tasked in creating a promotional spot on the Meridian Township 4th of July Fireworks Celebration.

Starting with the Fireworks promo, I conquered this project using skills that I already knew. I used stock footage of fireworks since I had no personal footage. I then created 3 animated graphics using After Effects and Photoshop. The two letter sections with the waving american flag were created in Photoshop, and the map with circles was created using After Effects. This was my first foray into using animated assets in a piece for HOMTV, and I had fun doing it. To see my promo, follow this link:

This brings us to my next endeavor, the story on the Garlic Mustard challenge. This was a new experience to me, going out into the field to get a story. I am a production intern, NOT A REPORTER! But alas, I pulled on my professional person pants and did my duty. For country, for family, for HOM!

Little side story to this assignment, I was first assigned Music In The Park at the Historical Village, but that got canceled due to rain, so I ended up with the Garlic Mustard Challenge.

Back on topic, I did some research on the challenge, then headed out on Saturday to cover it. The challenge ran from 9am-11am. I was able to get two interviews with Harris Nature Center staff, and lots of broll. One thing I forgot to do was take pictures for a teaser on social media. I ended up only teasing the air time on News Now.

From the event, I learned that I need to keep up my on my social media, and to not be so worried about going out there and interacting with people. It went very smoothly. To find the story, follow this link:

Overall, these assignments were fun to do and I am happy to say they are completed.

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