On The Road Again…

And for your listening pleasure while you read, I’ve included the song, because it completely describes my week at HOMTV.

Granted, 2/4 stories that I completed this week took place at the Meridian Township building. But my package on obesity and my other story on a new program called “Michigan Power to Thrive” seemed to take me everywhere in the city of Lansing.

Given what I just said, perhaps this song would’ve been better to name my post after…

But enough about classic country songs. My story on Power to Thrive took me to a part of Lansing known as South Lansing, an area off of Cedar Street, relatively close to I-96. Things went well at the story, despite me worrying about being on time due to my GPS having a nervous breakdown and telling me I had “reached my destination” even though I was really at a party store. Luckily I was close enough to the real destination I could figure it out for myself.

Filming my standup for my package was probably one of the more interesting experiences I had this week, however the experience had nothing to do with the filming itself. A little bit of backstory: While I was interning at Channel 6, one of the photographers who was there at the time found some, shall we say, unique places to park while out on stories. One of them was in a ditch, forcing the reporter to slide out and climb back into the car. The other, on one of my last days, was on the curb at the Breslin Center.


Given that I was simply shooting my standup and would not be there long, I didn’t want to park across the street and definitely did not want to pay to park. I considered parking in the street, but quickly realized it was too narrow. Ultimately, I decided to apply what I had learned at Channel 6.

I think I learned well.

This week also included two straight 11 hour days, but the good news is one of those late nights was spent with a pretty awesome late-night crew.

The night included editing, script writing, Hot ‘N Ready Pizzas, random dance parties and listening to old 90s hits.

What have we learned here today?

1) Trusting your GPS can either lead you to where you want to go or to a random gas station.

2) Going out and shooting stories can often require creating your own parking spaces, even on sidewalks.

3) With the proper crew, working late can be extraordinarily entertaining.

That’s all for this week. I’m crewing Meridian Magazine on Monday, where I will share teleprompter duties. Hopefully it doesn’t end like this:

As always, you can follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page.

You stay classy, Meridian Township.


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