I Wish I Could Stay

Last week is a pretty busy one, I need to get my promo and PKG done before the Friday, so I spent several days on working with this two assignments. Besides, I also participated into other interns news shooting, and I found I’m really enjoy involving myself in shooting the news event, no matter it is just about a farmer market promotion video or a breaking news that need to be highly focused. I love the feeling of discover something underneath.

Because HOMTV’s target audiences are pretty local, therefore sometime neither reporter nor producer don’t have to be so serious about the news event. Comparing with the some commercial television stations, which are much bigger and formal, HOMTV is flexible and allows interns to have more space to put their creativity in, and meanwhile we are also taught how to obey the rules of news producing, Personality and reality, those are what you will have in HOMTV and make HOMTV be a good place for freshman to start their career.


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