“We’re halfway through?”

Someone said out loud that we were halfway through the internship, and it struck me.  It’s really hard to believe that we’ve been her for that long. I feel like I’m just getting started with everything here.

This week I finally got to help out with the town meetings. I operated one of the cameras and worked on some of the board.


But before that, Meridian Magazine aired.  I got to direct half of the show and I think it went pretty well.  I wasn’t given all the cues through the headset but the anchors seemed to be fine without every cue.  I thought it was a fun show to watch and I hope to be more involved with it; maybe anchor or have a small segment.IMG_0825

The next day I helped with the filming of a political show. Two canidates came in and spoke to an interviewee on why we should vote for him.  I just stood behind the camera and gave time cues to the interviewee, wasn’t too complicated.  It was pretty fun though hearing Rob give cues, and talk to whomever was in the studio.



I also helped with the teleprompter on Beyond the Badge.  I noticed there were some errors in pre-production of the shooting though; a v/o was accidentally made into a package so we couldn’t air it.

IMG_0855 IMG_0851



Also this week I finished my Water Safety promotional video, and I think it’s pretty funny.  I couldn’t add too many tips into the video as much as I wanted, but I got a few in.  If only there was no time limit to the videos.  I really liked the shots I shot for that promo, I hope to use it again in the future.

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