Coping with Chaos

Good evening, my friends. In light of the World Cup, I have an appropriately themed joke this week.

What’s the difference between England and a bag of tea? A tea bag stays in the cup longer.


I have to say, that was a pretty sick burn, but I really have nothing against England. I actually don’t care that much about soccer. At all. So there’s that.

Last week’s post was pretty long-winded, so I will keep it relatively brief for you this time. I had an interesting week, to say the least. It was hectic and stressful, but there was still that ever-present element of excitement, which is one of the reasons I love this field so much.

Originally, in addition to my promo that I had to film, I was assigned a story about an art fair, which would be due on Monday for Meridian Magazine. Then on Tuesday, Brandie came to me and said that the art fair had been cancelled, and I had two completely new stories to cover for Meridian News Now on Thursday: a credit card theft, and a suspicious death of an MSU student.

Alright so let’s recap. 2 days to get information and interviews for 2 stories. Then after that, film and put together my promo for Tuesday. Challenge accepted. (Look at that popular internet reference. ‘challenge accepted’. I’m down with the times. I know what the kids are saying these days)

Brandie was able to suggest a police officer that could give me information about both stories, and so I began my quest for an interview. I wanted to get the interview done as soon as possible, so I started making calls. Getting into contact with him was easy, but unfortunately, I was unable to meet with him on Tuesday. So we set an interview for Wednesday afternoon. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Right?

Wrong. So, so wrong.

When the time came, my interview had to be called off because of an urgent gunman situation. Basically all of the officers were at the scene, rendering me interview-less for the day. I sent some e-mails to various officers after the gunman situation had been dealt with, asking for statements about my stories. Unfortunately, everyone was going to be out of their offices on last-minute calls elsewhere. I guess that’s the nature of police work though. You never know when you’re going to be needed.

For a while, I thought I wasn’t going to have any interview footage at all because I couldn’t reach anyone. Then, I was able to get into contact with another officer, who said that he could give me two on-camera statements about the theft and the death on Thursday morning. So I pulled a semi-all nighter from Wednesday into Thursday, re-writing my scripts over and over. I was trying to prepare for the hectic morning I knew I would have; scrambling to finish these stories right before air-time. I was not alone in this all nighter, however. I had Andreina, Aaron, and Johnny to keep me company.

interns    interns2 Oh boy, look at those crazy kids! We had a pizza party and a dance party over the course of our lengthy evening in the intern room. I think that was the only thing that kept us relatively sane. All in all, not a bad group to be working with through the night.

I also fell asleep.


More than once.


Like I said. This internship exhausts me, but every minute is worth it.

I’m laughing because I said I would keep this blog post shorter, but I’m 97% sure that I typed out just as much as I did last week. I’m so sorry! If you made it this far, let me know and I’ll mail you a trophy or a plaque or something. “Survived Hannah Cook’s incessant rambling” will be engraved on something made from solid gold. It’ll be great.

Before I sign off for the night (early morning?), I have to mention one more thing. A handful of us interns are going to start working on an entertainment show. We had our first meeting for it last week. Everyone had a lot of amazing ideas, and I think it’s going to be a really rewarding experience. We’ve got some mad creative flow going on between all of us, man. Did you read that in a stereotypical surfer-dude voice? Because that’s how I said it in my head. We’re still in the early stages of development, so it could be a little while before we actually put anything on-air. But I’m just throwing it out there. Now you know. It’s coming soon. To a theater near you (not really). Keep your eyes peeled.

Alright folks. I am going to resume my hunt for that mythical creature they call “sleep”. Have a fantastic week.

Stay fresh.



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Videographer. Editor. Production intern at HOMTV 21. East Lansing, Michigan.
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