Guacamole is extra.

For something to be great you need to put in the extra step. Be it that extra splash of your favorite spirit, bacon on well….anything, or the scoop of guac that takes that burrito to the next level. The devil is in the details and that is also where the best people and things separate themselves from the crowd.


Over the course of this summer I can count on one hand the amount of days that truly have been “off”.  My family, social life, health (I’m vastly overdue for surgery on my chompers), and wallet bore the brunt and have been shoved to the wayside. I have also had to start using a credit card just to get to the internship, feed myself, etc. There is no food in my fridge and barely any gas in my metaphorical or car’s tank. Sleep isn’t real anymore and if it is I must be dreaming.

With my whiny rant done with I can move to the cheesy motivational portion of my weekly blog. Wine and cheese go good together right?


Every time you read/listen/watch something about someone who makes it in this field, their story at the beginning sounds like the paragraph above. That, and the fact that my ugly mug has finally made it on camera are the only things that keep me going down this crazy path I have chosen.

In Colin Cowherd’s book he states that you have to be eccentric to make it as a personality/talent in today’s world. Often times though, eccentric is often times accompanied by crazy or other things of that nature. I don’t think I am crazy for trying to make all this work, but then again crazy people never think they are in fact the crazy one. With all of that said my point and lesson taken from this past week is that you need to get that extra bit of whatever it is and make it work in your favor. It can be the extra hour editing, the extra question, or the extra shot of b-roll that makes the difference in this field.


So please, have a double, eat that extra piece (pound) of bacon, and pay the extra for the guac. It may hurt, but the happiness and returns from the extra stuff will pay dividends in the long run.


About CertifiedChance

23. Aspiring Journalist. Reporter for ESPN100.9 Engineer for IMG College. Sports. Family. Friends. Food. Travel. Blog Topics: Main - Sport 1st Alternate: Travel 2nd - Food
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