Life = Casserole and Other Ways to Cope

Do you ever wonder why people find comfort in random things? It may come in the form of food, family, friends, etc . . .  Mine happens to be food.   Whenever I get stressed out, I’ll turn to food.  This probably isn’t the best way to cope with life’s daily chores.



I can easily will myself to eat a serving made for 6 people.  *humblebrag*

Seriously, if you try to eat a whole casserole make sure it’s near a restroom.

Back on track.  I’ve seen myself lose 70 pounds, gain 10, lose 10, and then gain 35.  Why? It’s all because of stress.  I work six days a week and I’m currently struggling to make ends meet.  I ponder all of my decisions *takes a bite of casserole,*  wonder if I chose the right career path *another bite of casserole,*  was my degree worth it *finishes plate,* my peers are getting jobs in the industry *devours meal,* while I’m slinging salad and breadsticks.   It’s a bit overwhelming.

I keep chugging along.  You find the silver lining.  It’s cheesy to say there’s always something good to take away from any situation because if you couldn’t find the positive, then you may drown in food (or whatever that comfort may be).

By the way, tip your servers.


About Joe Gebhardt

Recent graduate of Central Michigan University.
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