Lots of News

Six weeks into the internship and so many new things are happening. Creating package has been such a new and exciting experience but this past week at HOMTV I did something very unexpected. On Monday I was asked to host a discussion show called InnerView. I came into work and was not ‘camera ready’ but knew I could not pass up this opportunity so I said YES! I ran home, put on some makeup and freshened up my hair.

I was a bit nervous considering the little preparation I was able to do but I thought I am such an inquisitive person, hosting an interview style show shouldn’t be that hard for me.

I felt weird at first and don’t think I read the teleprompter very smoothly. Once the interview started I felt good and the flow felt natural. I still haven’t seen the show but once it’s posted I can’t wait to watch and see how I can improve. I would really like to host more shows in the future! 


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One Response to Lots of News

  1. Michelle says:

    That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see it!

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