Still Learning the Ropes

Hello beautiful people! I’m back again. This week has been great. I had one story this week and a bit of crew work.

The story was about the energy fair that occurred on June 28th and 29th. I could only attend one day because I had to work the next day but it turned out great. I’m learning that having weekend stories can be a bit of a hassle but hey, experience is experience and I NEED this!

So anyhow back to the Energy fair, I went to friday’s fair and got a ton of interviews. A few days before, I had talked to the executive director of the board who planned the event and he agreed to set up interviews with different companies for me. When I got there he looked surprised and said he thought I was coming that saturday… so I had to put my good ole charm to work and get the interviews I needed. Everyone was so nice and someone even gave me free barbecue ribs!

It was finger lickin' good, but still not as good as my Dads secret recipe.

It was finger lickin’ good, but still not as good as my Dads secret recipe.

I literally got so many interviews I didn’t even know what to do with all the footage. It took me a few day to edit together but I was pleased with the final product.

I also got to crew for Meridian Magazine And let me tell you working the audio board is not as easy as it was for the past township board meetings.

This week I have two stories. I would tell you what they are on butttt I’d rather you wait and see. Wish me luck! See ya in my next post,

Sending peace, love and positive vibes your way

xox Whitney

There’s no fear when you’re having fun. -Will Thomas


About whitneyburney

Hello! I am Whitney, a sister, daughter, friend and an all around silly girl. I am a student at Michigan State University student studying journalism. I am an aspiring journalist and will hopefully be greeting you every morning when I land my dream job at Good Morning America! Stay tuned to read about my journey.
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