Still Work to be Done

Another week came and went at HOMTV as I completed my second round of stories. The good news was it came with a lot fewer mistakes than my first set of stories so I can definitely say that I’m learning.

My first task of the week was figuring out what I would cover at theparks commission pic Park Commission. I was given the task of picking the most important story from the commission. When I got there I was one of three in attendance as it was a later meeting.

I decided to ask the commission members what would be the most important topic of the evening, and they all said that an eagle scout proposal from a local student named Ryan Nussdorfer would take the cake.

After talking to Ryan and learning about his project I also thought it would be cool to cover his story. It is always fun to see people get excited about the prospect of being on television, and Ryan seemed pretty enthused about it.

meridian park pic

His project was to build a board walk at a local park over a normally wet area so people could use the trail during the wet seasons.

After I finished that story I turned my attention to my pay to play story. I was really excited to do this story as I know it can be a hot button issue. I had this great idea to get interviews from a bunch of different sources, before I ran into one small problem.

I was going to try to talk to several different athletic directors in the different high schools, but failed to remember that there was a good chance they were all off for the summer. After I called and sent numerous emails I realized that must be the case.

On the bright side the topic came up at the Okemos Board of Education meeting, so I was able to grab a couple interviews from there. I also got the pleasure of covering the meeting BOE picwith current Michigan State wide receiver Andre Sims Jr. He was covering the meeting for JRN 300, which all MSU Journalism major students know is one of the tougher classes.

As the week came closer to an end I decided I was far enough ahead on my story to go home for the weekend for my little sisters graduation party. It was a fun day with lots of food, family and friends.

Now here I am again, Sunday night waiting for my story to upload to youtube so I can finish up. I look forward to another fun week at HOMTV as I continue to get improve my skills to achieve my future goals of being a full time reporter. random homtv pic 1


About homtvdan

I am a recent Michigan State University graduate and aspiring journalist. Sports are my true passion and I hope to one day achieve a career in sports journalism or entertainment. Before that though, I have to perfect my skills which I work at each and every day.
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