Taking it easy…. for now.

The past week has been pretty relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. With no assignments to work on, all I had to focus on was crewing. Halfway through Monday night’s meeting, I learned that the meetings for the rest of the week was cancelled. It was both a good and bad thing for me. Good, that I had more time to prepare for other things outside of HOMTV and I could focus on crewing for other shows. Bad, because while I wait to crew for the show, I had nothing to work on during my shifts.

Luckily, I crewed Beyond the Badge on my shift Wednesday and learned how to direct watching Darkus. I could already feel how stressful it could get when you’re doing engineering, technical directing and directing all by yourself. Prepping would really pay off in times like these. As I was watching Darkus, my promo came up in the show! And I have to say, it was pretty awesome seeing my work! All that time invested in it really paid off. It felt awesome! As it was really the first time getting some many compliments in one week, I felt proud and overwhelmed because I would have to do even better next time!

I also had studio maintenance this week and boy, I considered it may become a hobby for me haha. I should learn to take photos more often though as most of my blog post are pretty boring with no pictures. On to a new week! Get It!



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