Time is Flying

This week marks the halfway point in my internship. My first day at HOMTV was on May 12, and my last day will be August 14. It’s crazy to think this is already my eighth week. I really love it here because I’m friends with a lot of the other interns. I’ve had classes with some of them, and the others, I’ve just recently become closer with. So, I met with Brandie yesterday, and we spoke about my progress and if I think I’ve achieved some of my goals that I set in the first few weeks. We also talked about the possibility of me returning in the fall if I’m offered another internship position here. Of course I want to. I want as much experience as I can get, even if I’m exhausted all of the time. But then it occurred to me that I won’t even be here, in Michigan, in the fall.


I told her if an offer still stands in January, then I would love to continue interning at HOMTV for my last semester at Michigan State University. I’ll only have 11 credits left to take, so interning a couple of days a week would be great for me. I’d still be sideline reporting for BTN, but that’s only on the weekends, so it could work. I’m the type of person who doesn’t know how to relax (if you couldn’t already tell). I just can’t do it. I can’t even lay in bed in the morning because I always feel like I could be doing something more productive.


So, I have about a month and a half left until I move to Los Angeles for four months. SO crazy. I feel like I haven’t even seen half of my friends in months because they’ve all been studying abroad or working. We’re all extremely busy this summer. I’m also worried that I’ll love living in California so much that I won’t end up coming back. I think my friends and family are worried about that too. You never know what could happen.


Anyway, this week at HOMTV is very laid back for me, which is a huge relief because last week was so busy. I don’t have any story assignments, so I actually get to go home for the holiday weekend this afternoon! I haven’t seen my friends from school in weeks, so I’m going to meet up with a few of them tomorrow on their lunch breaks! I also have a lot of family coming in town for my cousin’s graduation party, so we have some fun things planned this week like going to a Tiger’s game and watching fireworks at my cottage. Just get me to the lake, and I’ll be happy!


About marleerosedelaney

Marlee Delaney is a senior in the school of Journalism at Michigan State University, where she is studying broadcast journalism. During the academic school year, she works as a sideline reporter for the Big Ten Network and also writes featured articles for VIM Magazine. With a passion for sports journalism and entertainment news, Marlee can see herself sideline reporting for Fox Sports Detroit, hosting an entertainment show or anchoring a newscast.
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