“We Break the News So You Don’t Have To Break It Yourself”

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Ok, so I know that isn’t exactly the motto from the Action News Team in Anchorman. But I did get to experience covering breaking news for the first time while at HOMTV. And when news breaks, you know what that means…

Alright, maybe it didn’t go EXACTLY like that…

I was finishing a package for Beyond the Badge on Wednesday the 2nd when someone in the intern room (I don’t remember specifically who; I had headphones on) said that various media outlets were reporting that there was a bomb threat at Spartan Stadium. I quickly finished the package, and Allison Scott, Eric Ripper and I went out to figure out what was going on. While Ali drove, Eric and I furiously refreshed our twitter feeds trying to get the latest information.

We arrived at the stadium, and decided that, rather than setting up a distance away from the stadium, we’d head over to Munn Field, which is right across the street, where some workers were evacuated to (being close in proximity to a building that a bomb threat was made on…what could possibly go wrong?). While Eric set up the camera and started filming, Ali and I started talking to various employees who were at the stadium, and, as I found out what had happened from them, I began updating my twitter feed, briefly explaining what the employees had told us. As Eric caught up to us with the camera, Ali and I asked if anyone wanted to talk, and the MSU Director of Human Resources for University Advancement said she would.


As we were interviewing her, police drove by and gave the all-clear, which was caught on camera. After we got footage of employees re-entering the stadium tower and emergency vehicles leaving, we moved closer to the stadium to get better footage of the building itself. After we headed back to the car, we decided to get the other side of the stadium, just to be safe and have enough footage. Rather than get out of the car, set up the tripod and get a panning shot of the building that way, we decided to be a little more unorthodox…

As Ali drove, Eric got the footage. If I do say so myself, I got a pretty good picture of it considering I was leaning out the window while taking it.

We also decided to all shoot mock-standups just to get more practice with being on-camera. I was told to work on loosening up on camera. Some of my attempts weren’t bad…others, let’s just say, belong on a blooper reel, not the news.

I think in this one I was trying not to laugh at a failed attempt


So what have we learned here today?

1) I thoroughly enjoy making cheesy Anchorman references
2) Breaking news is fast-paced and details are always changing. Side note, It can be very challenging to keep up with it, and it is important to not put misinformation out to the public. Luckily all of the information we received was accurate.
3) Sometimes you just get lucky, as we did capturing the all-clear on camera.
4) It is possible to film something while inside a car with someone driving and have the footage turn out well.
5) Practicing stand-ups can be very entertaining.

This week, I get to go on Meridian Magazine live and talk about the Golf Fest Fundraiser that the Meridian Township Community Resources Commission will be holding in August. In my continued attempts to loosen up on-air, I have decided to practice in front of a mirror:


The trick right now is to master looking in the mirror and looking at my script at the same time. Not an easy task. Maybe I should just use my memorization skills…

You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.


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