6 Days and Counting

Previously on Joe’s Blogpost:


I must apologize for that.  I was being quite dramatic.  I typed the blog on like 2 seconds of sleep.  Anyways, the week that was!

For one,  I created a sweet story about a new wellness trail for the Ingham County Medical Care Facility.  A big thanks to Kevin VanderKolk and Mark Stevens for inviting me out there.  It really is a serene trail for the residents to stroll around on with their family.  You can view the story here:

You’ll also be able to catch it on Senior Living which is being produced by Hannah Cook. She will do a great job with it. Better than me and my addiction to overexposing my interviews.  Sorry, Mark.

That was the fun part of my week. A not so fun highlight include:


No joke.  If you’ll recall sometime during midweek a powerful line of thunderstorms blew through my hometown in Spring Arbor.  It knocked out power for about 12 hours.  I typically love seeing mother nature produce thunderstorm but it is a bit different at night when I can’t see what is happening.  There was something amiss about this storm.  The winds were howling and they sounded a bit different.  I wasn’t able to keep track of the situation without a TV or Radio, and it was hotter than Olive Garden plate fresh off the line (I mean seriously, go ahead and touch one of those plates with fresh hot food without any protection if you’re looking for fun) with no air.

There was no damage to the house and we were all fine.

Now, I take part in a massive work-a-thon.  I just wrapped up day 6 as I’m typing this no doubt Pulitzer prize winning blog.  I’m looking at approximately 14 days in a row or more.  This means my caffeine addiction will kick in to warp speed.  Although tomorrow (Monday) I am really looking forward to being Alexandra Ilitch’s co-anchor for Meridian Magazine.  I thank Brandie for the opportunity!




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