A Bomb Threat

This week was a strange week. After working TD and camera’s the previous night at the meeting, we had a breaking news story the next day.  We were sitting in the intern room and Ali announced an article entitled “Michigan State Stadium Bomb Threat”.  I asked if she wanted to go and she wasn’t sure.  I talked to Brandie about some questions about my social media and told her about the article I just saw and asked if we should cover it. There was no question about it, we had to go out there.  So the next step was rushing to check out the equipment and hurry on down there.  We thought four batteries wasn’t enough!IMG_0917

Covering the whole story was quite exciting. I did all the shooting while Aaron and Ali went around, asking for information and scouting the area.


It was really exciting, getting all the shots and seeing the other stations there as well.  After we got all the information, we practiced some stand ups right in front of the stadium. After going out for two hours, we finally returned with some great footage and some pizza.
The following day, I worked on my package that was due for Monday.  I already had some b-roll from the park the other day, but today I had to shoot my interview.  April and I had to interview the same person, so we thought it would be easier to do it all together.  After uploading some footage we then went out and shot our stand ups. She helped film mine while I also filmed hers. The whole rest of the evening was spent editing my package. I’m pretty proud of my first package, I think it’s a bit rough but overall, I’m pretty proud of it.    IMG_0958IMG_0954

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