HOMTV All Nighter = Haunting Confirmation

As everyone knows, this past weekend was the Fourth of July, which only means one thing on the Sunday after, TRAFFIC!

That is what most of my afternoon was spent in, and I had lost almost a complete days work. Leaving home I knew I was expected to hit some traffic, but nothing prepared me for the two and half hour mix of stand-still/ 15 mph traffic from the west side to east.

My plans were to come into HOMTV, gather the rest of the b-roll I needed for my package, and finish putting my script into EZ News. That all came to a halt when I rolled into Okemos at half past eight.

The sun was nearly gone, and the wind began to pick up, and what did that mean? A storm was about to hit.

Andreina came to work on her package, and left after 1 a.m.leaving me with an empty building, busy mind and creepy noises coming from every single way possible.

I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep, over use of caffeine or the thought of being alone in a deserted building while it was storming out, but I was slightly petrified.

I’m always the type of person who loves scary movies, and can watch them at any point in time, but last night I felt as though I could be in one.

Now I know it was all my imagination and worrisome mind, but it is rather fascinating, yet creepy how your mind can play tricks on you. I was that person who whipped their head at every creek they heard, and was paranoid to go to the bathroom alone, and I felt as though I needed to share my experience.

If you’re wondering if I finished all of my work, I, as a matter of fact did. Some way, some how I focused on my assignment and tried to block out any scary distraction that came my way.

That was when 4 a.m. finally came around. I had decided to go grab my bag from home out of the car which had my make-up, clothing for the day and curling iron so I could prepare myself for a stand up.

As you must know, I looked quite ridiculous leaving the building to go to my car and set out in a dead sprint while praying I wouldn’t get struck by lightening. When I got back in, I got myself ready and performed my stand up to enter in to my package.

Which brings me to this photo:



After my stand up I had to go out and get some extra b-roll so I ended up getting rained on. oh well, at least I had curls for a little bit last night.


About Jordanne Jaskiw

Michigander Gone SoCal, Associate Producer on "Botched S3," "Botched by Nature" and "Botched: Post-Op S2." Recently engaged to an amazing human and my family is absolutely incredible. Catalina Island is my 2nd home and enjoying my life to the fullest.
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