One week = One year

Pop quiz.

What is the definition of a will? Don’t know? Oh come on, it’s a dead giveaway.


That .gif says “forced laughter” by the way. I thought it seemed appropriate.

While I admit that the title of this post is a touch on the dramatic side, I think it gets my point across. When I first sat down to write, I legitimately thought that I had missed a week, because it feels like it’s been so long since my last post. But after some cognitive reorganization, and probably a little bit of voodoo, I now believe that today is, in fact, Sunday, July 6th.

Needless to say, I was busy this week. However, I think it was busy in the best way possible. At the beginning of the week, I went to help set up an off-site interview for Senior Living with Xandra and Brandon. We went to the Cascades Humane Society in Jackson.

10513523_10152911821914989_8522130707234593766_n That is a still shot of one of my live shots for the interview. I really like how it turned out. Artsy and whatnot.

During the interview, we were fortunate enough to have a guest with us. A giant dog named Tonka! He was such a sweetheart.


It was a fun day trip, and I really enjoyed working with Brandon and Xandra. As far as co-workers go, I guess they were ALRIGHT (I’m hoping that my heavy sarcasm in that last statement translates through the internet because in reality, both of these people are positively delightful to work with).

I also helped with some studio construction. We helped Rob with a few set pieces, and it was surprisingly fun. We had a good group of people, we turned some music on, and just went to work. Not bad at all.

10474830_10154362530095118_3441125698558007776_o     10498664_10154362530110118_6030513282989155104_o Look at that! Interns hard at work. Who knew we were capable of that? Just kidding. Everyone here works their butts off. It’s quite impressive, actually.

The rest of the week was devoted to my new project: post-producing Senior Living. Surprise! I was asked if I wanted to take on the extra responsibility, and I jumped at the opportunity. I am so excited about it, because video editing is what pushed me toward the whole field of media in the first place! So I learned how to lay out the video for the show, how to edit for multi-camera shots, and so forth. When I go in tomorrow, I’ll be learning how to add in CGs and the credits, and then I should be good to go. What a week!

Well, I broke tradition again. I didn’t write this blog post at 1 am. It’s actually only 12 am, and I feel like an overachiever. Ahead of schedule and all that jazz. But the concept of time means nothing to me anymore. Like I said, this single week has felt like two or three weeks all crammed into one. Maybe I’m actually a time-traveler, and there’s just been a fluke with my time machine. I suppose you’ll never know. Unless I tell you. In the future.

Alright it’s getting weird now. Goodnight, lovely people. And as always…

Stay fresh.



About hannahtcook

Videographer. Editor. Production intern at HOMTV 21. East Lansing, Michigan.
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