Why I never say “If”.

Once I hit a certain point in my illustrious college career I stopped just talking about doing things and actually followed through with them. One way I helped this process along was by removing the word “if” from my thought process. If something needed to get done, it was a matter of when, not if. By taking this thought process and applying it to life goals I began to see slight progress when I applied this “when instead of if” approach. If this sounds somewhat familiar to you I am not shocked as I am not the first person to use this method.

For years now I have been saying “when I get my show, when I get my job at a tv station, when I get that girls number…etc” more often than not, it simply is a matter of “when” when I put my mind and actions all in towards a goal. With the recent approval of “All-Access” I feel that even though it is a small milestone to some, this is a huge achievement for myself and verification that as long as you see yourself succeeding, you will in some way.

Oh yea, and I did my first live read on Meridian Magazine. Thanks to an eye poke from my fellow #oldmangang member Alex, any nerves I had were quickly doused as I was poked in the eye moments before going on air. I like this as a tradition but I may need to alter it someway as being poked in the eye is neither fun nor camera friendly.

All this while driving back from out of town early in the morn’. In other news, Mickey D’s wi-fi is awful.


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