Assignment Review: Fireworks Celebration VoSotVo and Howl at the Moon Promo

Well today I finished up my promo assignment, which brings me to the end of my 3rd week of assignments. What did I learn? Well…

We will start with the Fireworks VoSotVo. The collecting of broll went well, and I was able to get an interview with LuAnn Maisner after the fireworks show. But that is not in the end a good thing. I ended up not getting any interviews during the 3 hours leading up to the fireworks launch. I did get one person to answer a couple questions, but the audio came out bad and they were moving in and out of frame. I got pretty lucky with seeing LuAnn after the fireworks show. Next time, I need to be more forward and get out of my comfort zone so that I can ask people for interviews.

With the Howl at the Moon promo, I feel it went pretty well. I was able to check out the equipment without hassle and get the filming done. I did run into the the problem of un cooperative dogs, causing me to have to re shoot the footage I need the morning after, but I got what I needed and the promo turned out. Thankfully my father was with me to help keep the dogs calm. Props to my dogs for putting up with me.

Social media went better this week for my VoSotVo and Promo. I was able to get the teaser in right after the fireworks for the VoSotVo.

Now I move forward into another week of assignments due to a mid semester shift in crewing board meetings. Lets see what happens!

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