Final Cut Pro…

…more like Final Cut SLOW. Am I right?









I recently finished editing my National Night Out promo for the Meridian Township Police Department… and it was ADORABLE. All props go out to the handsome police officer who starred as the legendary Mcgruff. That old costume looked hot and sweaty, and not the easiest thing to hear in or see through if you’ve ever been a mascot. Even bigger thanks goes out to Yukon, the highly intelligent german shepard K-9 unit.

I was extremely nervous about the shoot beforehand because it was fourth of July: at any moment the K-9 unit and both the officers starring in my promo could be called into action. As it turns out, when 10 am rolled up, and we all met outside the township building, everything went very smoothly. Yukon’s trainer explained that there was certain things Yukon wasn’t trained for, such as getting in the front passenger seat of the police car. I showed the officers my story board because I had a difficult time putting into words exactly what I wanted a man in a dog costume and a K-9 unit doing together in a police car. After the shoot I asked where I could get my dog trained as obediently as Yukon, and the response was Hector Hernandez. So guess where I’m taking my K-9 unit (actually just a 1 year old rescued labrador)? First Class Dog Training, adjacent from Nancy Moore Park!

This week the production interns have noticed, much to our delight, that our promos are increasingly more and more about dogs. Brandon Wirth’s promo was for Howl at the Moon event at the Harris Nature Center, staring two small and fluffy companions, and Alex Frankfort’s last promo, Summer Pet Care, starring his pet golden retriever. I can only hope that our promos  have even more to do with dogs in the future. I have an obsession with fur-babies. Heads up Brandie. My future promo ideas could get a bit… hairy.

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