“Take Camera 2, Mic and Cue”

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The title of this blog actually takes you behind-the-scenes of a HOMTV broadcast. The quote above is what I would have heard had I been on headset during Meridian Magazine’s broadcast. But, rather than being on headset, I was the in-studio reporter for the July 7 Meridian Magazine broadcast, and it gave me an opportunity to improve my on-air skills (and unintentionally provided me with a new profile pic for my Facebook. First world problems).

Let’s rewind to my previous blog post, shall we?

At the very end, I mentioned how Brandie, our internship coordinator, wanted me to work on loosening up on-air. Here’s how I practiced:

I still don’t like watching myself on video, but at least that helps me get used to it!

This actually worked, although I was forced to try and read my own handwriting after I noticed sentences that needed to be reworded, reorganized or flat-out rewritten.

Fast-forward to the day of the broadcast: I printed my script and began practicing around 4:00, an hour and a half before the show, to allow myself time before the show to relax and prevent myself from over-practicing. Admittedly, I still get relatively nervous before going on live TV, something that practicing too much doesn’t help.

After practicing, I helped with last-minute preparations, received a copy of my script, drank a little more caffeine as a pick-me-up, and then it was time to get into our places for the show. I wasn’t on until the second part of the show, so I took some time to proof my script one last time. And, presto! My new profile picture.

I didn’t know picture was being taken until after I saw the flash out of the corner of my eye. But at least it makes me look productive!

The second bag came faster than I could’ve imagined. I went and stood by the monitor, got myself mic’d up, did a final test of the mic and had last-minute adjustments done on where I was standing in relation to the monitor, all in under 2:00. I took a deep breath, got a vote of confidence from Alexandra Ilitch and Hannah Cook, and it was time to wait for my cue.


Much to my relief, it went well! You can view my report here.

After the show, it was time for one more photo!

From Left: Erica Francis (Sports Anchor), Alexandra Ilitch (Anchor), Joe Gebhardt (Anchor), Yours Truly (Reporter)

I also had my critique with Brandie the Wednesday after the show, and I was happy to hear that I was much better as far as loosening up on-air!

What have we learned here today?

1) I can actually do a blog post without using an Anchorman quote as my title.
2) Not over-practicing = Less nervous Aaron
3) Last minute votes of confidence = Even less nervous Aaron
4) Even less nervous Aaron = Aaron not being too stiff on-air

I was also excited to find out that I will be hosting the next episode of Beyond the Badge! More on that as I get more details.

You stay classy, Meridian Township.


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