Time to recharge

I went on vacation this week! On Wednesday I left for Tampa, Florida and had a nice break from reality. At first I felt guilty for taking time off and didn’t want to miss out on work at HOMTV. I don’t want to waste valuable learning time, but I knew I needed to get away for a couple days. Since the internship has started I don’t go out on the weekends or ever. I needed to recharge my batteries.

photo (3)So while on vacation I visited family and my boyfriend and watched the local news.. I think Tampa could use someone like me in their newsrooms 😉 I also rented a bike and rode all over Tampa looking for this lady that sold fresh coconuts. She was rumored to carry a huge machete in order to cut off the top of the coco. She would then stick a straw in it and you could drink fresh coconut water. Once you were done she would cut the coco in half and you could take it home for a snack. So after riding through some pretty shady areas I found the Coco Lady!

I don’t know if it was the fresh coconut water, the sunny weather, the time off, or a combination of it all but I’m back in Michigan and ready to get into reporter mode at HOMTV!

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