Work Hard Play Hard


This weekend left me in a great mood. I like to work really hard during the week, so I can enjoy my days off without having to worry about cramming for deadlines. This past weekend, I spent a lot of time with my friends from school. We always talk about how we could all be stuck in a room, and we would still have the best time with each other. It’s true. My friends are hilarious.


Yesterday, my friend, Annie, called me to catch up. Annie is interning out in LA this summer, and I’ve been telling her that I would come out and visit. SO, since I never like to go back on my word, we planned for me to come out there this weekend. I talked it over with my boss before I made any finalized plans, but everything went well, so I booked my flights this morning. I’d really like to visit the company I’m working with in the fall and introduce myself, so we’re planning on doing that either Friday or Monday. I also have a friend interning with E! News, so we’ll be meeting up with her as well. My friends are my life. It’s always been that way since I can remember, so I always make an effort to keep in touch with basically every single one of them. Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt to network either.


So that’s what’s going on in my life besides my internship and school. Today, I went into Brandie’s office to discuss the upcoming weeks and my assignments. I have a couple of packages and a VO/SOT/VO due, so I made sure to get started on that right away. I went and did a lot of shooting for my story about Courtesy Ford, and I’ve been emailing a lot of sources about scheduling interviews. We also had an intern workshop this afternoon with some HOMTV alumni. They talked to us a lot about the industry, and we had the opportunity to get our work individually critiqued, which of course I took advantage of. The more people I meet and the more people who see my work, the better. This week will be long trying to get everything finished (and homework on top of the assignments), but it will be worth it when I’m in sunny California on Friday morning.


About marleerosedelaney

Marlee Delaney is a senior in the school of Journalism at Michigan State University, where she is studying broadcast journalism. During the academic school year, she works as a sideline reporter for the Big Ten Network and also writes featured articles for VIM Magazine. With a passion for sports journalism and entertainment news, Marlee can see herself sideline reporting for Fox Sports Detroit, hosting an entertainment show or anchoring a newscast.
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