Another week bites the dust!

Hello everyone! This blog post is going to be void of pretty pictures due to my phone deciding to go for a swim in the toilet bowl, so bear with me. Seriously… I have a bear here, helping me type this.

*hilarious laughter*

Anyway, I have some very big news, but we will get the HOMTV activities out of the way first. My week started off as usual, with finishing up my 4th of July and Howl at the Moon assignments on Monday and Tuesday. For this past week, I was assigned a vosotvo on renovations at the EastGate bicycle pump track and post production of Beyond the Badge. I started and finished Beyond the Badge on Tuesday, and did not get to my story till Sunday. I met my interviewee, Steven Brunner, at the bike track and got all my broll and interview at that time. I finished everything up Monday morning.

Now to get the the big news, emphasis on NEWS. Last week, I was hired by WILX! WHOOHOO! I started Saturday morning, 2am-10am. My weekends will consist of this shift, which lead me taking a power nap Sunday before my meeting with at the pump track. So as of right now, I am balancing my internship, my job at LCC, and my new job at WILX. My position is there is part time News Photographer. I will be editing vosotvo’s, pkgs, and teases for the shows and also going out to shoot stories.

I am very excited, and cannot wait to see where this leads me. I start my first weekday shift today, 3pm-11pm. We shall see how it goes!

Wish me luck!!!!

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