Ready…Set…I forgot my name

Nervous: adj. Easily agitated or alarmed; tending to be anxious; highly strung. (Thanks Google!)

Last week, I was live on camera for only my second time while interning here at HOMTV. My first time, I did the sports segment for Meridian Magazine and this time I was the reporter for the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting. This meant no teleprompter. No. Tele. Prompter. (See nervous above)

ZBA snapshotLuckily, I read over my notecards that I was allowed to have on-screen and I think I read and studied those cards more than I ever have for a class (sorry, mom.) Even though I read them over and over again, out loud and in my head, I was so nervous that I honestly thought I was going to forget my name or how to say it. However, I remembered it and although I really thought my heart was going to bum-bump out of my chest, I was shaking the entire time, and I managed to say the “bode vorted” instead of the “board voted,” I think it went fairly well. You can watch my report here!

After a couple weeks of crewing the shows and meetings, I now have a few assignments that will keep me busy this week. You can watch my stories on our upcoming Meridian Magazine show on Mon., July 21!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned 🙂

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