The Red Light Is On Look At The Camera!

I’m a little late with my blog this week. I’ve had a busy week with work and stressing about getting interview. Better late than never right?

So, almost two weeks ago I was the reporter for the Township Board meeting. I practiced my script for three hours I wanted to do this perfectly. We all know things rarely go the way we want them to. The meeting started before my report, and that through me off. I didn’t know that when that happened we were suppose to skip the report. So the red camera light come on while I’m bending down to put my mic down. So I pop up and go with the flow. I stumbled in the beginning and looked at my cards more than I would’ve liked. During the meeting I was coughing and sneezing the. In the middle of the meeting I had the nastiest snot bubble come out of my nose so that was great.

Heres me reporting for Meridian Live:

I also got rejected for an interview for the fist time last week. After the meeting I needed to interview this guy about the Wal-Mart construction but he wasn’t having it. fortunately, I was smart enough to record him while he spoke at the meeting so I used that as my sound on tape.

I’ll be posting my next blog shortly, to talk about what I did the last week.

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