I Hate Writing Titles

Ok so it has been a while since I updated this, so a lot has happened since last time! We can start with my frist time reporting for Post Script. I found it pretty difficult considering I was VERY unfamiliar with what the terminology. I didn’t do too bad though! IMG_3156

Next, Chance, Chris, Alex and I taped our first show for All Access! One problem: It still hasn’t aired but hey we’re trying! It was actually really nice to get some professional feedback on the show from Al Martin and Brett King because after we finish making some final adjustments the show is going to be so much better. After watching the first taping of the show I think I would really like to try hosting. It wasn’t really something I was into at first but I now that I’ve thought about it I think I would regret not giving it a shot.


On Monday I went live for sports on Meridian Magazine. I was extra nervous because that just so happened to be the same day that our three guests were here to critique us. After I was done I thought it went horrible, I wouldn’t even watch the show. But, the next day I decided to watch it and it wasn’t bad at all! Obviously a lot to work on, but I was pretty happy with it for my first time.


Lastly, I Hosted for the first time for post script on Tuesday. I messed up that one pretty bad. Who forgets to say their own name!? Other than that part I guess it was pretty good. I still haven’t watched it though. Next time I’ll kill it! This week I’ve been working on fixing a few of my stories and crewing for Meridian Ballot (which was actually super interesting to me). I’m excited to do it again tonight. I also wanted to add that I can’t believe we are coming up on the end of July! Where has the summer gone!? But, I made some friends at HOMTV that I know I’m going to keep forever. I Never thought I would become so close to everyone! Daniella and me
Until next time, Thanks for reading everyone!

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