Fire up the Keurig…It’s gonna be a crazy week

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Yes, I am definitely a caffeine addict. It has gotten me through six finals weeks, pretty much any class that starts before 10am and late editing nights at HOMTV. And I didn’t even mention the times I’ve had to be awake at 5am for Big Ten Network (shudder). This week is going to be one of those weeks where I may as well be hooked up to an IV that has a straight caffeine-drip. Also, for my coworkers reading this, don’t worry, I won’t act like this (skip to :45):

Don’t get me wrong, I was thankful last week when I was assigned two stories, both of them being due two weeks later on Monday, July 28th. I had a group paper and a six-page essay exam due last week, and I needed all of the time I could get. So, truth be told, the stories, aside from a few calls to sources, were somewhat put on the back burner as I completed my school work. But you know the rule about procrastinating…

Generally, when I have a story, it involves me spending a late night at HOMTV. 12:30 is my record (not nearly as late as some of my co-workers), but I have a feeling that this record may be broken this week. While attempting to take a power-nap at one of the desks in the intern room may be a little healthier than drinking endless amounts of caffeine, it doesn’t really help my productivity, hence why caffeine is the method I choose.

I ended up going into HOMTV on Friday, hoping to call some more sources and get interviews set up for this week. Instead, this ended up happening:

Jordanne Jaskiw and I watching President Obama’s Press Conference on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

At least we were doing something news-related…

One of my stories is on why children and pets should not be left in hot cars, a very important story, especially considering it’s supposed to be in the 90s on Tuesday. I ended up making a purchase to test just how hot a car can get in a parking lot.


You’ll see the results of this on Meridian Magazine on July 28th, as well as the August edition of Beyond the Badge.

Tonight, in addition to writing this blog and submitting my weekly story ideas, I also plan on packing the necessities for this busy week. You know, tea, Mountain Dew, Five-Hour Energy shots, Cheez-Its and Jolly Ranchers (oh, and I guess my laptop, phone charger, headphones, white paper, note book, pens and my glasses should be considered necessities too).

So, what have we learned here today?

1) I am a caffeine addict. If there is a level above caffeine addict, I may be that as well.
2) Procrastinating (even if you have a legitimate reason, such as school work) will always catch up with you.
3) It’s going to be very hot this week (and I have no a/c in my car…this is going to be fun).
4) I prioritize caffeine just as much as I prioritize things that are actually necessary for being a journalist.
5) Did I mention I’m a caffeine addict?

That’s all for this week. In next week’s blog, I will let you know how this week of caffeination and reporting went, as well as giving you a behind-the-scenes look at my preparations for hosting the August episode of Beyond the Badge (an episode that will be taped on July 29th).

You stay classy, Meridian Township.

But if you brought me an Oreo Ice Cap from Tim Horton’s (and maybe a Boston Creme Donut), I may consider you to be even classier.


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