Rub some dirt on it.

What a week its been. Right now I am writing this to you in the wake of a bout with food poisoning and possibly a shoulder dislocation. Been up all night and surely will not be able to rest today as I have a triple header at my paying job in Midland. Essentially, I feel like this is my body crashing after a very long and sleep-deprived summer. With that said, I am having one of my favorite summers on record. With roughly 23 of them under my belt, I would say that that is a testament to how cool my chosen career path is.



In other news, I am ready to get AA out into the world and move past it. Most of what was covered is soon going to be out of date and out of people’s minds. With football season fast approaching though, I know that stories and footage will not be in short supply.
No jokes or funnies this week. It’s time to roll up my sleeves and do work. ( Especially if I am going to play in the 2nd biggest paintball game in the world this weekend with my little brother) Plus, get a couple packages done. Cheers.


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