Sleepiness Levels Increasing. Initiate Caffeine Protocol. *Chugs Coffee*

Man, what a week I had. My presence was scarce at HOMTV this week, but that is because I started my first weekday shifts at WILX! I worked 3pm – 11pm Tuesday through Thursday. I got a lot of work done and learned along the way the system that they got over at WILX. That lead me to my first solo shifts on Saturday and Sunday morning.

I was super nervous, but thankfully I was able to complete the morning shows with no mistakes! My job overnight is to edit the all the VO’s, SOT’s, PKG’s, and Teases for the 7am show, and I did just that.

I also was sent out to collect some footage and interviews at different events, such as the GridIron Group’s football drills at South Side Community Center. I also went and shot a live shot of a hole in the side of a house in Leslie when a car went off the road and ran into it. The live shot was used in the Sunday morning show.

Sorry that I have no photos, but my week has been very busy. I will try to have some for next week.

Working three jobs and trying to balance my sleep schedule is hard work, but all this experience I am gaining is so worth it. Cannot wait to see what the coming weeks bring.


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