So um this week has been hectic to say the least….


But honestly, I kinda enjoyed the rush… Is that weird? Anywho I got three stories this week because I plan on leaving for Chicago Wednesday morning and it’s election time so GOTTA GET HER DONE! I’ve never really looked into local elections, partially because I’m only 19 and just earned the right to vote last year and partially because I was never interested. But now, let me tell ya, I will definitely pay more close attention when I begin paying property taxes. It really means a lot to your local funding and where your hard earned money goes.

The first story I had was the CATA millage renewal which is a proposal to renew the current millage for the public transportation system in the area. I learned a bit about millage (a property tax) last semester when I had to do a story about a park millage so this wasn’t too hard. I even knew how to calculate the numbers… to say the least I was pretty impressed with myself. Because I knew I had to turn the story in by the following thursday I knew I had to hit the ground running and I did. And it turned out well! I got most of my interviews by that Tuesday and it was smooth sailing! The only hiccup I had was where I had to shoot myself speaking about the topic.

For one, I had accidentally swiped another interns camera because I thought she’d crossed out her name for reservation… aaaaand she definitely didn’t haha! So when I returned from my interview and returned the camera she needed there were NO CAMERAS until around 3:30pm -_____-
So after I finally got my hands on a camera, got to the sight of my stand-up, set up the camera, rehearsed my script 50 times and was ready to start recording it began to rain… for about 20 minutes. Eventually I got the shots I needed and finished the package just in time for the show.

I had another story about a road project. It was easy peasy and I got it done in about a day! With practice I am getting faster and faster!

His name is Yukon and his training officer's name is Andrew Tobias!

His name is Yukon and his training officer’s name is Andrew Tobias!

The last story I was assigned was one about police dog training which is still in the works and I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out! Stay tuned!

But anyway I’ll talk to you in my next post.

Sending peace, love and positive vibes your way,

xoxo Whitney

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.” -Richard P. Feynman


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Hello! I am Whitney, a sister, daughter, friend and an all around silly girl. I am a student at Michigan State University student studying journalism. I am an aspiring journalist and will hopefully be greeting you every morning when I land my dream job at Good Morning America! Stay tuned to read about my journey.
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