Control Freak Loses Control

10521531_10152651301906096_2158035948645870971_nSo, this is the point in my internship and studies where I freak out. I only have a few weeks left of both, and it’s beginning to take its toll on me. You can always tell when I’m stressed or anxious because I’ll begin biting my fingernails. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always been a nail biter, but on May 1st, I decided to quit… and yesterday… I began again. The problem is that I take on too much. And it didn’t help that I was watching news coverage about the Malaysian plane being shot down… while I was flying on a plane. That wasn’t very comforting. I also lost my phone, or as I like to say, “It was stolen.” So I’ve been disconnected from the world. It’s hard being a control freak when you’re no longer in control.

So aside from making bad decisions (watching news programs that force me to ruin my manicure) and being irresponsible (leaving my phone at a restaurant), I’ve decided to deal with all of my stress by making a list of things that need to be accomplished in the next couple of weeks. I always do that when I have a lot going on, and so far, it’s helped. I also painted my nails, so I’ll stop biting them. It’s a start.

Today was my first work day of the week. I’ve been in California for the past five days, but I made sure to set up all of my interviews for this week ahead of time. I had a great interview today and shot a lot of b-roll for my assignment that’s due Monday. I also finished all of my school work for the week, so that’s one less thing I have to worry about.

My internship at HOMTV is nearing its end, and it’s sad because I feel like the time flew by. It’s also sad because there’s so much that I still need to do. On top of our assignments, we have examinations and competency requirements that need to be completed. All of that is on my list, don’t worry. Although I get stressed out a lot, I would never regret interning for HOMTV. I don’t know any other news station that would give me this much hands-on experience. I mean, I’m a real reporter here, and that’s exactly what I wanted from this internship.

I still have a few weeks left, but that only means that I need to work even harder. I want my last packages to be my best ones. After all, I’m going to be using them to build my resume reel. I’ll also be reporting live on Monday, which I’m really excited about. I want as much on-camera time as possible. The more experience, the better.

IMG_5305And since I always like to include some fun in my life, I’ll be traveling to Chicago this weekend to run in the Big Ten 10K alongside my dad and sister (I’m actually running the 5K, but I’m going to tell everyone I ran the 10K). I’m pretty sure all of these “fun things” are the main cause for my stress and anxiety, but I can’t help it. I’m a girl who needs excitement!

P.S. I apologize for the lack of recent photos.. It’s a hard life without a phone!


About marleerosedelaney

Marlee Delaney is a senior in the school of Journalism at Michigan State University, where she is studying broadcast journalism. During the academic school year, she works as a sideline reporter for the Big Ten Network and also writes featured articles for VIM Magazine. With a passion for sports journalism and entertainment news, Marlee can see herself sideline reporting for Fox Sports Detroit, hosting an entertainment show or anchoring a newscast.
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