Meeting Deadlines

Before I get started, yes this is a little late, but if you read on perhaps maybe you’ll understand.

There are those weeks in life where you can literally account for every moment of everyday because, well, you were doing something. The life of a reporter is tends to float towards those being every week, but that doesn’t make it less exhausting. So here we go recounting my last week (week of July 13th) at HOMTV.


MONDAY July 13th

The beginning of a new week and of course that meant new stories. I had been assigned a story on ACT test scores and the Capital Area District Library millage renewal. Both pretty cut and dry pieces, so off I went.

Al Martin and othersBut hold on a minute, Monday we had some professionals coming in to talk to us and give us some pointers. It is always nice to get professional critiques on my work because they are the people I am striving to become.

However, that meant I wasn’t going to get a lot done on my stories, especially because I was going live that night on Meridian Magazine. So I helped set up for their arrival while trying to prepare for my live shot.



I got some very helpful tips from WKAR’s Al Martin which I will definitely use in my future works, then it was time to go live.

My piece was on the summer tax bills that were recently sent out and I simply gave viewers some basic information on how and where to pay them.

All and all I thought it went alright, I stumbled pretty majorly at one point but caught up and on I went. It was a long day and once I got home it was nice to get some sleep.

Tuesday July 14th

With my live shot over and critiques in mind I began work on my stories for the week. My piece on the libraries was due first but I was going to do my best and multitask to get both stories done early.

I had a couple interviews lined up at the libraries with the head librarians to get some information on the millage. They were both very nice and gave me all the information I felt like I needed. I also got a bunch of b-roll for my story so at this point I was feeling pretty good.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.58.43 AM

I got back to the station and uploaded all my footage and at that point it was time to head over to my other job.

The cafeteria I work at on MSU’s campus had been closed for much of the summer, but this was a week that we were open so I had to head there to help them serve dinner and close.

I got back to my apartment around 8 pm and then it was time to edit my story together. It took a few hours but I got it to the point to where I was feeling pretty good. All I had to do was add in the voice tracks and I would be done a little ahead of schedule. At that point it was time to get a little sleep.

Wednesday July 15th

I decided to head into the station to show Brandie (my internship coordinator) my finish product before it aired the next day. She gave me some very helpful pointers on how to make the story better and helped my with my script.

She also pointed out a major flaw in the story and that was I had no one opposed to the millage. This is very important in journalism, because our job is to show no bias, just to report the fact.

I was then on the hunt for what felt like a needle in a hay stack, because there was no one who was actually campaigning against the millage and who is actually going to vocally speak out against libraries? But I had to at least try. So I headed down to the capital to try to find someone. After about an hour of man on the street interviews it was becoming apparent that I wasn’t going to find anyone in the time I had left. The good news is I could at least say in my story that I made the attempt, which is much better than nothing at all.

I got back to the station uploaded my footage and reworked my script until it was perfect. Then iScreen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.02.08 AMt was time to head back to my other job and help close again, because well, someone has to pay the bills and because their mine it might as well be me.

Once again I got home around 8 and this time completely edited my story so all I had to do the next morning was re-upload it to the computer. Midnight hit and I knew it was time to sleep, so I managed to fit that in.

Thursday July 16th

Once again I decided to head into the station early to make sure I would have time to fix any unforeseen problems with my story. After everything was set and my story was turned in, it was time to focus my attention on my second story that was due Monday. It was also around this time that I learned I would be doing the sports segment on Monday’s Meridian  Magazine, which was exciting.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.03.34 AM

After my shift was over at HOMTV, it was time yet again to head over to my cafeteria job, this time to work there all day. It felt nice to get some hours in but it was work and by the end of my shift there I was totally exhausted.

I had a goal that night to accomplish a paper (oh yeah did I mention I’m also taking a summer class?) that was due on Friday, but when I got home my body pretty much just shut down and I passed out until about 3 a.m. I knew I wasn’t going to do any good writing at that hour so I decided that sleep was more important and slept for another few hours.

Friday July 17th

Friday was supposed to be a nice relaxing day, or at least that was how I planned it earlier in the week. However, things don’t normally go as I plan, and I remembered I had to be at work by 8 a.m. It was a really nice morning so I decided to drive my moped in, which is always fun.


After a very uneventful six hours it was time to head home and attack my midterm paper. I got home and began writing and writing and writing and writing a paper that was about college sports in its early days.

I learned a lot of cool things like how they struggled with the idea of studentIMG_1104 athlete back then and just how important Knute Rockne and Walter Camp were to the success of college sports.

Several hours and 2,500 words later my paper was done and I decided it was time to relax a little bit. That evening was one of my best friends good bye parties as he was leaving East Lansing and going on to bigger and better things.


It was a really fun night and was nice to relax, even for just a few hours.

Saturday July 18th

My plans of having a nice weekend of were altered when I learned that local soccer team Lansing United was playing in the Midwest playoffs that weekend and, being the sports nut I am, I agreed to cover it.


That was that evening though, throughout the morning it was time to finish my ACT scores story so I went and got the b-roll I could of the local high schools and started to edit that together.

I also found some time that afternoon to help a friend’s sister move out of her apartment, which was a lot more work than I had anticipated. But then it was time to go cover some soccer.

I got to the stadium nice and early and got footage of warm ups and the crowd who showed up in great numbers to support the United.

I got a nice spot on top of the press box and began covering the game.

It didn’t turn out to be as close as I expected as Lansing United ended up winning 4 to 1. I thought I did a pretty good jobIMG_1105 shooting throughout the game, however my post game interview left a lot to be desired.

It just isn’t that easy to get the tripod down and set up with all the other press members there. It was a learning experience though, so I got what I could and moved on.

Sunday July 19th

Since Lansing United won the previous night, that meant that they would play again on Sunday for the Midwest Region Championship.

That afternoon I finished my ACT story and read up on Lansing United’s opponent, the Fort Pitt Regiment.

With the experience of the previous night’s game under my belt I did much better the second time around.

I ran into a few problems, namely almost running out of battery because the game went into extra time, but my co worker Chris saved the day and brought me a spare.

For a soccer fan the game was exhilarating and had everything you could want. In the end Lansing United hoisted the Midwest Championship trophy winning 2 to 1. Chris and I got a bunch of cool celebration shots and good interviews to help complete the weekend story.


I Survived! 

I got back to the station and began to edit it together. After I got about halfway through once again my body screamed at me for sleep. So I headed back to my apartment for another short night of sleep, leading me into the next week of fun and work at HOMTV.

It was a crazy and hectic week, but I got through it and am much better for it. I know that weeks like these will become the norm as I get into this profession and it was encouraging that I made it through without missing any deadlines.

What would the next week hold for me? Well I guess you’ll just have to read my next blog post to find out. That’s all for now!



About homtvdan

I am a recent Michigan State University graduate and aspiring journalist. Sports are my true passion and I hope to one day achieve a career in sports journalism or entertainment. Before that though, I have to perfect my skills which I work at each and every day.
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