Puzzle Pieces

What a week at HOMTV, Monday I checked the assignment list and I thought it would be smooth sailing. I was assigned one news story that required one interview and 45 seconds of footage. This type of story is a VO/SOT/VO and at this point I have become fairly quick at turning a VO/SOT/VO.

But I am never happy with doing less, so I wanted more. I ran across this news article, Woman Assaulted Meridian Mall Civil Liberties Group Alleges Possible Hate Crime, I wanted to do a story on it. I found the article on Tuesday afternoon and the next news show aired Thursday morning. I had one day to get a news package together.

I took on the challenge. I was able to get the police and Civil Liberties Group to conduct an interview, but the family was a little harder to convince. By luck I ran into the family at the Meridian Mall and although they did not want to talk on camera they did talk to me off camera. They provided a lot of info. I did a lot of investigating and there were so many different sides to the story it was hard to pick and choose which pieces to include. I felt so confused while editing the story together

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.08.04 AM

I ran into my first challenge as a an investigative reporter. I had no idea which way to take the story and did not want to tarnish my credibility by including claims that were not true- I laid out the facts. I did the best I could and would love to take on more investigative stories.

Check out the story here!


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